Nona Ruth

The story of Nona Ruth’s

Nona Ruth’s was inspired by the life of my maternal grandmother, Nona Ruth Draper Spencer.  “Nonie”, to her family, friends, and loved ones, married the love of her life, Bernie Spencer, and they made their life in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Nona Ruth and Bernie had two children Tad and Betty B.

Nona Ruth’s life work was creating a beautiful life for her entire family.  She was a wonderful cook, a creative craftsman with a flare and passion for making ALL things beautiful.

Nona Ruth had a proverbial green thumb.  Her son Tad worked for a florist as a young man and would bring home plants that had been deemed hopeless.  Before long, Nona Ruth had them thriving and displayed beautifully in her home or passed on to a friend or loved spreading her talent right along with a bit of sunshine.

Nona Ruth loved decorating for all season and occasions.  From the “snow” made with Ivory Flakes that adorned the Christmas tree branches, the handmade sequin Christmas ornaments and the iced and decorated Christmas cookies that were almost too pretty to eat to the cornucopia with fall fruit.  No season was neglected.

One of Nona Ruth’s passion was creating beautifully set tablescapes.  From her beautiful cut glass to her loving attention to detail made every day special at Nona Ruth’s I am so blessed to have her love and family passed down to me and I look forward to sharing her inspiration with you.